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The vacuum cleaner is not sucking up properly…
Last Updated 4 years ago

Overflowing dust bag
If the vacuum cleaner fails to suck or pick dirt and particles, then one possible reason is that vacuum dirt bag might be full. Empty the bag or replace the bag as recommended by the manufacturer.

Obstructed hose
If the vacuum cleaner fails to pick up dirt and debris and has no suction the hose might be clogged. Remove the hose from the vacuum cleaner, stretch it out straight, shine a bright torchlight in one end and try to see light through it. If no light can be seen, it means there is some blockage or obstruction in the hose. Run something through the hose and remove the obstruction.

Blocked exhaust port
In a vacuum cleaner there is a constant stream of air moving through the intake port and out the exhaust port . If the vacuum cleaner won’t pick up and has no suction the exhaust port might be clogged. Switch off your vac and clean the exhaust port.

If this does not fix the problem and ONLY it was provided my the landlord, then please Open a new ticket or contact the maintenance department.

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